Your sustainable packaging options
 just got sweeter.

Introducing Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard — available only from Veritiv.

Veritiv™– a North American leader in packaging solutions – has teamed up with Carvajal Pulp and Paper to bring you Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard. 

This one-of-a-kind product ranks high
on both sustainability and marketability.

Our Earth Pact Specialists are ready to assist.

Earth Pact Sugar Cane Paperboard is well-suited for a variety of packaging applications in food, cosmetics and similar industries.

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Ready to make a difference?
Features and benefits of using Earth Pact paperboard:

• Made from 100% pure sugar cane (bagasse)

• Grown year round, harvested every 12-14 mo

• No bleaching chemicals or dyes

• Moisture and grease resistant

Veritiv: Shaping success
through unique-to-you packaging solutions.

From new coating solutions to rapidly renewable resources, Veritiv is the go-to for your sustainable packaging needs.

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